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Atlantic Basin
Hurricane Gaston (Category 2)
Lat: 32.6N Lon: 51.9W     Winds: 110 mph (96 kts)     Moving: ENE 10 mph (9 kts)     Pressure: 28.47 in (964 mb)
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Tropical Depression Eight
Lat: 34.4N Lon: 75.1W     Winds: 35 mph (30 kts)     Moving: NNE 5 mph (4 kts)     Pressure: 29.85 in (1011 mb)
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Tropical Depression Nine
Lat: 24.4N Lon: 87.3W     Winds: 35 mph (30 kts)     Moving: NW 5 mph (4 kts)     Pressure: 29.65 in (1004 mb)
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Pacific Basin
Hurricane Madeline (Category 3)
Lat: 19.3N Lon: 149.4W     Winds: 115 mph (100 kts)     Moving: W 10 mph (9 kts)     Pressure: 28.56 in (967 mb)
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Hurricane Lester (Category 3)
Lat: 17.8N Lon: 135.6W     Winds: 120 mph (104 kts)     Moving: W 14 mph (12 kts)     Pressure: 28.38 in (961 mb)
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Invest #92C   (Location: Central Pacific)
Lat: 15.4N Lon: 163.0W     Moving: W 9 mph (8 kts)     Pressure: 29.85 in (1011 mb)     Track History     Maps: Forecast | Satellite
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Active Systems and Invests What's an invest?What is a Tropical Invest?

A weather system for which a tropical cyclone forecast center (NHC, CPHC, or JTWC) is interested in collecting specialized data sets (e.g., microwave imagery) and/or running model guidance. Once a system has been designated as an invest, data collection and processing is initiated on a number of government and academic web sites, including the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) and the University of Wisconsin Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (UW-CIMSS). The designation of a system as an invest does not correspond to any particular likelihood of development of the system into a tropical cyclone; operational products such as the Tropical Weather Outlook or the JTWC/TCFA should be consulted for this purpose.

source: NHC/NOAA

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